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Relative Galactic Position of Alpha Pyxidis
Relative Galactic Position of Alpha Centauri
Image of Epsilon Arietis
Illustration of Beta Indi
Location of Alpha Centauri
Illustration of Beta Sagittae
Location of Delta Fornacis
A hypothetical planet orbiting Alpha Centauri A
Location of Alpha Caeli
Image of Eta Serpentis
Alpha Circini
Image of Delta Aurigae
Relative Galactic Position of Alpha Indi
Relative Galactic Position of Alpha Microscopii
Location of Eta Serpentis
Location of Omicron Capricorni
The view from a planet in the Alpha Centauri system
Location of Delta Caeli
Location of Alpha Apodis
Image of Epsilon Eridani
Image of Iota Piscium
Location of Eta Ursae Minoris
Illustration of Eta Coronae Borealis
Image of Beta Piscis Austrini
Relative Galactic Position of Alpha Indi
Relative Galactic Position of Alpha Microscopii
Location of Delta Caeli
Location of Eta Serpentis
Illustration of Beta Sagittae
Location of Alpha Centauri
The view from a planet in the Alpha Centauri system
Location of Omicron Capricorni
Relative Galactic Position of Alpha Centauri
Image of Epsilon Eridani
A hypothetical planet orbiting Alpha Centauri A
Image of Delta Aurigae
Location of Delta Fornacis
Location of Alpha Caeli
Alpha AndromedaeMu AndromedaeSigma Andromedae
Beta AndromedaeNu AndromedaeUpsilon Andromedae
Gamma1 AndromedaeXi AndromedaePhi Andromedae
Delta AndromedaeRho Andromedaec Andromedae
Theta Andromedae
Alpha Apodis
Eta AquariiNu Aquarii
Alpha Aquilae
Alpha AraeGamma AraeTheta Arae
Beta Arae
Alpha ArietisEpsilon ArietisRho3 Arietis
Beta Arietis
Alpha AurigaeZeta AurigaeOmicron Aurigae
Beta AurigaeEta AurigaeRho Aurigae
Delta AurigaeTheta AurigaePsi2 Aurigae
Epsilon Aurigae
Alpha BoötisGamma BoötisTau Boötis
Alpha CaeliGamma1 CaeliDelta Caeli
Beta Caeli
Gamma CancriEta Cancri
Alpha1,2 Canum Venaticorum
Alpha Canis MajorisDelta Canis MajorisTheta Canis Majoris
Beta Canis MajorisEpsilon Canis MajorisTau Canis Majoris
Gamma Canis Majoris
Alpha Canis MinorisBeta Canis Minoris
Beta CapricorniPi CapricorniSigma Capricorni
Delta CapricorniRho CapricorniUpsilon Capricorni
Omicron Capricorni
Alpha CarinaeBeta CarinaeEpsilon Carinae
Alpha CassiopeiaeDelta CassiopeiaeEta Cassiopeiae
Beta CassiopeiaeEpsilon CassiopeiaePi Cassiopeiae
Gamma Cassiopeiae
Alpha CentauriBeta Centauriv Centauri
Alpha Centauri CTheta Centauri
Alpha CepheiGamma CepheiDelta Cephei
Beta CetiOmicron CetiTau Ceti
Iota Ceti
Alpha Chamæleontis
Alpha CirciniGamma CirciniEpsilon Circini
Beta CirciniDelta CirciniTheta Circini
Alpha Columbae
Alpha Comae BerenicisBeta Comae BerenicisGamma Comae Berenicis
Alpha Coronae Australis
Alpha Coronae BorealisDelta Coronae BorealisTheta Coronae Borealis
Beta Coronae BorealisEpsilon Coronae BorealisIota Coronae Borealis
Gamma Coronae BorealisEta Coronae Borealis
Alpha Corvi
Alpha CraterisBeta Crateris
Alpha CrucisGamma CrucisDelta Crucis
Beta Crucis
Alpha CygniGamma CygniEpsilon Cygni
Beta Cygni
Beta DelphiniGamma Delphini
Alpha DraconisMu Draconisi Draconis
Zeta Draconis
Alpha Equulei
Alpha EridaniEpsilon EridaniOmicron2 Eridani
Beta EridaniTheta1,2 Eridani
Alpha FornacisMu FornacisPi Fornacis
Beta FornacisNu FornacisRho Fornacis
Delta Fornacis
Alpha GeminorumEpsilon GeminorumIota Geminorum
Beta GeminorumEta GeminorumMu Geminorum
Gamma Geminorum
Alpha GruisBeta GruisLambda Gruis
Alpha1 HerculisDelta HerculisEpsilon Herculis
Beta Herculis
Delta Horologii
Alpha Hydrae
Beta Hydri
Alpha IndiBeta Indi
Alpha LacertaeBeta Lacertae
Alpha LeonisGamma1,2 LeonisOmicron Leonis
Beta Leonis
Alpha LeporisIota Leporis
Alpha2 LibraeBeta Librae
Sigma Lupi
Alpha Lyncis
Alpha LyraeBeta1,2 LyraeGamma Lyrae
Alpha Mensae
Alpha MicroscopiiGamma Microscopii
Alpha MonocerotisGamma MonocerotisZeta Monocerotis
Beta Monocerotis
Alpha MuscaeBeta Muscae
Gamma2 Normae
Alpha Octantis
Alpha OphiuchiEpsilon OphiuchiUpsilon Ophiuchi
Beta OphiuchiZeta OphiuchiPhi Ophiuchi
Gamma OphiuchiEta OphiuchiOmega Ophiuchi
Delta OphiuchiXi Ophiuchi
Alpha OrionisNu OrionisUpsilon Orionis
Beta OrionisXi OrionisPhi1 Orionis
Gamma OrionisOmicron1 OrionisPhi2 Orionis
Delta OrionisOmicron2 OrionisPsi1 Orionis
Epsilon OrionisPi2 OrionisPsi2 Orionis
Zeta OrionisPi3 OrionisOmega Orionis
Eta OrionisPi4 Orionisb Orionis
Theta1 OrionisPi5 Orionisc Orionis
Iota OrionisPi6 Orionisd Orionis
Kappa OrionisRho Orionism Orionis
Lambda OrionisSigma Orioniso Orionis
Mu OrionisTau Orionisp Orionis
Alpha PavonisGamma PavonisZeta Pavonis
Beta Pavonis
Gamma PegasiPhi Pegasi
Alpha PerseiPi PerseiOmega Persei
Beta PerseiRho Perseil Persei
Kappa Persei
Epsilon Phoenicis
Beta Pictoris
Alpha PisciumLambda PisciumPi Piscium
Beta PisciumMu PisciumTau Piscium
Gamma PisciumNu PisciumOmega Piscium
Zeta PisciumXi Pisciume Piscium
Theta PisciumOmicron Pisciumf Piscium
Iota Piscium
Alpha Piscis AustriniBeta Piscis Austrini
Zeta Puppis
Alpha PyxidisBeta Pyxidis
Epsilon ReticuliZeta Reticuli
Alpha SagittaeBeta Sagittae
Delta SagittariiLambda Sagittariig Sagittarii
Epsilon SagittariiSigma Sagittarii
Alpha ScorpiiTheta ScorpiiLambda Scorpii
Alpha SerpentisTheta1 SerpentisNu Serpentis
Eta Serpentis
Alpha TauriDelta1 TauriEta Tauri
Beta TauriZeta Tauriq Tauri
Gamma Tauri
Alpha Trianguli
Alpha Trianguli AustralisGamma Trianguli AustralisEpsilon Trianguli Australis
Beta Trianguli Australis
Alpha TucanaeRho Tucanae
Alpha Ursae MajorisEpsilon Ursae MajorisEta Ursae Majoris
Beta Ursae MajorisZeta Ursae Majorisg Ursae Majoris
Gamma Ursae Majoris
Alpha Ursae MinorisDelta Ursae MinorisEta Ursae Minoris
Beta Ursae MinorisZeta Ursae MinorisTheta Ursae Minoris
Gamma Ursae Minoris
Gamma2 Velorum
Alpha VirginisDelta VirginisIota Virginis
Gamma VirginisZeta VirginisChi Virginis
Alpha VolantisBeta Volantis
Alpha Vulpeculae


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