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Messier Objects


Image of M89
Direction to the Whirlpool Galaxy
A view from inside the Pleiades
M1 Crab NebulaM34 Open ClusterM72 Globular Cluster
M2 Globular ClusterM35 Open ClusterM76 Little Dumbbell Nebula
M3 Globular ClusterM36 Open ClusterM78 Emission Nebula
M4 Globular ClusterM37 Open ClusterM79 Globular Cluster
M5 Globular ClusterM38 Open ClusterM80 Globular Cluster
M6 Butterfly ClusterM42 Orion NebulaM81 Bode's Galaxy
M7 Ptolemy's ClusterM43 Emission NebulaM82 Irregular Galaxy
M8 Lagoon NebulaM44 PraesepeM83 Southern Pinwheel Galaxy
M9 Globular ClusterM45 PleiadesM84 Elliptical Galaxy
M10 Globular ClusterM47 Open ClusterM85 Elliptical Galaxy
M11 Wild Duck ClusterM49 Elliptical GalaxyM86 Elliptical Galaxy
M12 Globular ClusterM50 Open ClusterM87 Virgo A
M13 Hercules ClusterM51 Whirlpool GalaxyM89 Elliptical Galaxy
M14 Globular ClusterM52 Open ClusterM90 Spiral Galaxy
M15 Globular ClusterM53 Globular ClusterM91 Barred Spiral Galaxy
M16 Eagle NebulaM54 Globular ClusterM97 Owl Nebula
M19 Globular ClusterM57 Ring NebulaM98 Barred Spiral Galaxy
M20 Trifid NebulaM58 Barred Spiral GalaxyM99 Spiral Galaxy
M21 Open ClusterM59 Elliptical GalaxyM101 Pinwheel Galaxy
M22 Globular ClusterM60 Elliptical GalaxyM102 Spiral Galaxy
M23 Open ClusterM61 Barred Spiral GalaxyM104 Sombrero Galaxy
M27 Dumbbell NebulaM62 Globular ClusterM105 Elliptical Galaxy
M28 Globular ClusterM63 Sunflower GalaxyM106 Spiral Galaxy
M29 Open ClusterM64 Black Eye GalaxyM107 Globular Cluster
M31 Andromeda GalaxyM69 Globular ClusterM109 Barred Spiral Galaxy
M32 Le GentilM71 Globular ClusterM110 Elliptical Galaxy
M33 Triangulum Galaxy


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