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Dumbbell Nebula

Apple Core Nebula, Diabolo Nebula, M27, NGC 6853, PK 60-3.1

Proper NamesApple Core Nebula, Diabolo Nebula, Dumbbell Nebula
Messier NumberM27
NGC/IC NumberNGC 6853
Right Ascension20h 00m 12s
Declination+22° 45'
Distancec.1,040 light years
c.320 parsecs
Mean DiameterApparent: c. 8' x 6'
Actual: c.1 light year
Optimum VisibilityAugust

A well-known planetary nebula in Vulpecula, near that constellation's border with Sagitta. The Dumbbell Nebula is an expanding 'bubble' of gas and dust cast off by a dying star; details of its structure give it its characteristic 'dumbbell' shape.


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