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Index of Miscellaneous Designations

This miscellaneous index is limited to stars that are most commonly known by designations other than the Bayer or Flamsteed systems. More comprehensive indices are available for certain catalogues:

Location of Alphecca
Relative Galactic Position of Algol
HR 1HR 2926HR 6296
HR 160HR 3430HR 7398
HR 418HR 4975HR 7890
HR 1398HR 5394HR 8464
HR 1733HR 6067HR 8837
Gliese-Jahreiß Catalog
Gliese 536
HD 46375HD 96564HD 153021
HD 61035HD 122303HD 241882
Lalande Designations (Hístoire Céleste Française)
Lalande 21185
Ross Designations (New Proper Motion Stars)
Ross 128Ross 248Ross 698
Ross 154
SO Designations
van Maanen Designations
van Maanen 2
Variable Star Designations
BC PisciumCU DraconisMQ Serpentis
BN LyncisFI VirginisU Sagittarii
BU TauriHH AndromedaeUV Ceti
CI OrionisIX EridaniYY Piscium
CN LeonisLT PerseiV529 Andromedae
Wolf Designations
Wolf 28Wolf 359