Illustration of M38
Relative Galactic Position of NGC 1907
Relative Galactic Position of M14
IC 4756 against the Milky Way
An image of 47 Tucanae
A view from inside the Pleiades
Relative Galactic Location of M23
Location of the Pleiades
Location of NGC 6633
Relative Galactic Position of IC 4756
Proper Names
Beehive ClusterJewel BoxSouthern Pleiades
Butterfly ClusterPleiadesSword Handle
Double ClusterPleiades, SouthernTrapezium
Hercules ClusterPraesepeWild Duck Cluster
HyadesSeven Sisters
Messier Numbers
NGC / IC Numbers
IC 2602NGC 2281NGC 6333
IC 4665NGC 2323NGC 6397
IC 4756NGC 2422NGC 6402
NGC 104NGC 2632NGC 6405
NGC 457NGC 3532NGC 6494
NGC 752NGC 4755NGC 6531
NGC 869NGC 5024NGC 6541
NGC 884NGC 5272NGC 6626
NGC 1039NGC 6121NGC 6633
NGC 1904NGC 6167NGC 6705
NGC 1907NGC 6171NGC 6752
NGC 1912NGC 6193NGC 6981
NGC 1931NGC 6205NGC 7078
NGC 1960NGC 6218NGC 7089
NGC 1981NGC 6254NGC 7209
NGC 2168NGC 6266NGC 7243
NGC 2244NGC 6273NGC 7654
Other Designations
47 TucanaeCollinder 62h Persei
Chi PerseiCollinder 69Melotte 227
Chi/h Persei
47 TucanaeM53NGC 6254
Hercules ClusterM62NGC 6266
M2M72NGC 6273
M3M79NGC 6333
M4M107NGC 6397
M9NGC 104NGC 6402
M10NGC 1904NGC 6541
M12NGC 5024NGC 6626
M13NGC 5272NGC 6752
M14NGC 6121NGC 6981
M15NGC 6171NGC 7078
M19NGC 6205NGC 7089
M28NGC 6218
Beehive ClusterM44NGC 2632
Chi PerseiM45NGC 3532
Chi/h PerseiM47NGC 4755
Collinder 62M50NGC 6193
Collinder 69M52NGC 6405
Double ClusterMelotte 227NGC 6494
h PerseiNGC 457NGC 6531
HyadesNGC 752NGC 6633
IC 2602NGC 869NGC 6705
IC 4665NGC 884NGC 7209
IC 4756NGC 1039NGC 7243
Jewel BoxNGC 1907NGC 7654
M6NGC 1912Pleiades
M11NGC 1931Pleiades, Southern
M21NGC 1960Praesepe
M23NGC 2168Seven Sisters
M34NGC 2244Southern Pleiades
M35NGC 2281Sword Handle
M36NGC 2323Trapezium
M37NGC 2422Wild Duck Cluster