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Proper NamesDubhe
Bayer DesignationAlpha Ursae Majoris
Flamsteed Number50 Ursae Majoris
HR (BSC)4301
ConstellationUrsa Major
Right Ascension11h 5m 00s
Declination+61° 38' 22"
Distance123 light years
38 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +1.8
Absolute: -1.1
Spectral ClassK0IIIa Orange Giant
Optimum VisibilityMarch (Usually visible from northern latitudes)

A prominent and relatively bright orange star that belongs to one constellation and two asterisms. It marks the centre of the Great Bear's back (its name means 'bear'), and is also the tip of the Plough's share, and the northern of the two Pointers. It has a faint companion that orbits it every 44 years.


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