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Marach crossed the Blue Mountains into Beleriand in c. I 313
Descended from the people of Marach
Folk of Marach (later more commonly known as the People of Hador or Men of Dor-lómin)
Later generations belonged to the House of Hador
Eventually settled in Dor-lómin
Edain is pronounced approximately 'eh'dine'
Edain literally means 'Men', but was properly reserved for the allies of the Elves during the First Age
Other names
Generally referred to as the House of Hador, though Hador himself belonged to the fifth generation of this people


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Third House of the Edain

Most renowned of the houses of Men

The house of Men most commonly known as the House of Hador, though in fact its roots went back four generations before Hador's time, to his ancestor Marach, who led his people across the Blue Mountains and into Beleriand. In Appendix A to The Lord of the Rings, the Third House is called '... the most renowned in the wars with Morgoth', and this is no exaggeration: besides Hador, it counted Húrin, Túrin, Huor, Tuor and Eärendil himself among its descendants.

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