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I 282 - I 3761 (lived 94 years)
Crossed the Blue Mountains to settle in Estolad in c. I 313
Probably 'ma'rach' ('ch' is pronounced as in Scots 'loch')


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A leader of the first of the Edain

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One of the original leaders of the Edain into Beleriand; father of Malach Aradan, and great-great-grandfather of Hador Lórindol.



There are no canonical dates for Marach. Those given here are taken from reference material in volume 11 of The Lord of the Rings, and may not be completely reliable. The date of Marach's crossing of the Blue Mountains is especially doubtful: some sources give I 313, others I 314 (though this might simply indicate that his entire westward journey took more than a year).


As the original leader of his people into Beleriand, we might expect Marach's house to carry his name. In fact, the histories refer to it almost exclusively as the House of Hador, from Marach's great-great-grandson. Before Hador's time, this people seem to have been known most commonly as the Folk of Marach (nothlir Maracha in Elvish).


Marach's name presumably comes from his native language of Taliska, and so it is unsurprising that no interpretation is offered.

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