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Men of Hithlum

Descendants of Malach Aradan

Some time after the first Men came over the Blue Mountains into Beleriand, High King Fingolfin sent messages of greeting to their settlements at Estolad. One of the leaders of the newly arrived Men was Marach, and his son Malach travelled westward to Fingolfin's lands in Hithlum. There, he went into Fingolfin's service for fourteen years, and was given the title Aradan, 'noble Man' by the Elves.

Malach brought a great part of his descendants westwards to settle, and these became the first Men of Hithlum, staunch allies of Fingolfin and his people. Malach's son Magor was not among these, and instead he led a party of the Edain to settle the southern slopes of the Ered Wethrin, the mountains that bordered Hithlum to the south and east. Magor's grandson was Hador, who entered Fingolfin's service as his great-grandfather Malach had done, and also rose to greatness. In reward for his service, Fingolfin granted Hador the lordship of Dor-lómin, a country within the the southern borders of Hithlum. Hador gathered his people there, and from these Men of Hithlum came some of the greatest heroes of the later First Age.

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