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Born I 3101
The Folk of Marach (ancestors of the House of Hador)
Probably dwelt at Estolad
i'mlach ('ch' as in German 'Bach')
Apparently a Mannish name of unknown meaning


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The father of Amlach

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A son of Marach, Imlach was the younger brother of Malach Aradan. History records almost nothing about his life, except that he had a son of his own: Amlach. Amlach was among the leaders of dissent at Estolad, proposing that Men should leave the Eldar to their Wars against Morgoth, though he was later persuaded to change his mind and even enter the service of Maedhros.



The date of I 310 given here for Imlach's birth comes from a genealogical chart in volume 11 of The History of Middle-earth; its canonicity is open to question, but it does fit well with established chronology. If this dating is correct, Imlach would have been a small child, just three years old, when his father Marach led his people across the Blue Mountains into Beleriand.

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