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Otto Boffin

A patriarch of the Boffin family

Otto Boffin, also called Otto the Fat, was an important member of the Boffin family who lived more than a century before the War of the Ring, probably in the region of the Shire's Eastfarthing known as the Yale1. The son of Bosco Boffin, he married Lavender Grubb, and was the father of four children: Hugo, Uffo, Rollo and Primrose. Among his better known descendants were Folco Boffin, Lobelia Bracegirdle (better known as Lobelia Sackville-Baggins) and Fredegar Bolger2.



We know for sure that the Boffin family seat was in the Yale, but we don't have definite information about which members of the clan remained there, and which - if any - moved away. As an important head of the family, though, it seems safe to assume that Otto would have lived there for at least some of his life.


Fredegar's nickname among his friends was 'Fatty', so perhaps some of Otto's famous portliness was passed down to at least one of his descendants.

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