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Unknown, but her husband Uffo was born in III 2857 (1257 by the Shire-reckoning)
sa'fira bro'ckhouse
Sapphira comes from the precious stone, sapphire
Probably lived in the Yale after her marriage


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Sapphira Brockhouse

Wife to Uffo Boffin

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A member of the Brockhouse family of Hobbits, who married Uffo Boffin, the second son of Otto the Fat. In turn, Sapphira and Uffo had two children, Gruffo and Gerda. Sapphira's dates are unknown, but based on her husband's date of birth, she probably predated Bilbo Baggins by several decades.

Sapphira's name is an example of habit common across several families of choosing jewel-names for female Hobbit-children. Other examples are Adamanta Chubb, Amethyst Hornblower, Berylla Boffin and, most famously, Diamond of Long Cleeve, who married Peregrin Took of the Company of the Ring.

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