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Odo Proudfoot

One of Bilbo’s many cousins

"...his feet were large, exceptionally furry, and both were on the table."
Description of Odo Proudfoot at Bilbo's Birthday Party
from The Fellowship of the Ring I 1, A Long-Expected Party

The son of Bilbo Baggin's aunt, Linda, who married Odo's father Bodo and gave rise to a line of Proudfoots (or, as Odo himself preferred, 'Proudfeet'). Odo was among the guests at the famous Birthday Party at which Bilbo Baggins disappeared. At that time, he was an elderly hobbit indeed, being ninety-seven years old. He only lived for a few more years after the Party, but from him had come at least two generations of descendants, including his mischievous grandson Sancho, who attempted to excavate for treasure in Bag End.

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