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Probably dwelt in the Yale1
bo'sko bo'ffin


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Bosco Boffin

An important ancestor of the Boffin family

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The eldest son of Buffo Boffin and Ivy Goodenough, Bosco would become an important figure in the history of the Boffins. He had only one son of his own, Otto (who would become known as Otto the Fat) but Otto's four children gave rise to all the important branches of the later Boffin family. Through Otto, then, Bosco was the ancestor of all the Boffins we know of from the time of the War of the Ring, as well as Fredegar Bolger and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins.



For an indeterminate period later in his life, Bosco would have been the head of the Boffin clan, and therefore almost certainly dwelt at the family seat in the region of the Shire known as the Yale.

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