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A name for Varda, who lit the heavens with stars

A translation of Tintallë, a title given to the Vala Varda. In ancient times, she was said to have created the first, lesser stars, and it was by her arts that the Lamps of the Valar were filled with light.

After the loss of the Lamps, and the coming of the Valar to Aman, it was Varda who collected the shimmering dews of the Two Trees in shining vats, and so filled Valinor with silver and golden light. When the first Elves were discovered in Middle-earth, she used some of the silver light of Telperion to kindle the greater stars, and so bring the Elves greater light in the darkness of Middle-earth. From this deed, the Elves gave her the new name Elentári, the Queen of the Stars, but even at the end of the Third Age, she was sometimes called by her older title of Tintallë, the Kindler.

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