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Simply the feminine form of 'Valar', meaning 'Powers'
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The seven Valar who took female form
'Valier' is a plural term. The singular form, which is apparently 'Valië', is never used in Tolkien's published work.


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The seven Queens of the Valar

A title for the seven Queens of the Valar; Varda, Yavanna, Nienna, Estë, Vairë, Vána and Nessa. The name 'Valier' only appears in the Valaquenta to describe the seven Queens - it is never used elsewhere.

I Varda Elentári Called the Kindler and the Lady of the Stars, Varda was the spouse of Manwë, and dwelt with him in the halls of Ilmarin on Taniquetil's peak. In Middle-earth, she was most often known by her Sindarin name and title: Elbereth Gilthoniel.
II Yavanna Kementári Called the Queen of the Earth and the Giver of Fruits, the province of Yavanna was the life of the olvar, things that grow from the earth. She was the sister of Vána, and spouse to Aulë the Smith.
III Nienna The sister of Mandos and Lórien, who dwells alone in the far western edge of the World, where she grieves of the destruction wrought by Melkor.
IV Estë Called 'The Gentle', Estë was said to bring healing and rest. She is the spouse of Nienna's brother Lórien, with whom she dwells in his gardens in Valinor.
V Vairë Vairë dwells with her spouse Mandos in his halls. As time passes, she weaves a great tapestry of the World's history, that adorn of Halls of Waiting. For this reason she is known as Vairë the Weaver.
VI Vána Vána the Ever-young is the younger sister of Yavanna, and like Yavanna she has power of the natural world, causing flowers to open and birds to sing. Her spouse is Oromë, the Huntsman of the Valar.
VII Nessa Famed for her swiftness and fleetness of foot, Nessa runs with the deer, and dances on the green grass of Valinor. She is the spouse of Tulkas Astaldo.

This table shows the seven Queens of the Valar in descending order of power. Only the first three, Varda, Yavanna and Nienna, were counted among the Aratar or greatest of the Powers.

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