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Immortal. Existed before the foundation of Arda
Dwelt in Ilmarin on Taniquetil with Manwë
Given to Varda after her making of the bright stars in anticipation of the coming of the Elves
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Lady of the Stars

Varda, the star-making Vala

Lady of the Stars

An approximate translation of the title Elentári (more literally 'Queen of the Stars'), given to the Vala Varda, consort of the Elder King Manwë Súlimo. In the ancient past, anticipating of the awakening of the Elves, Varda took the glistening silver dews of the White Tree Telperion and with them made the night's brightest stars, setting signs and symbols in the sky to light the dark lands of Middle-earth and to stand as a warning to Melkor. For this reason Varda was also surnamed Tintallë, 'the Kindler', while in the Sindarin of Middle-earth her title 'Lady of the Stars' was rendered Elbereth, and she was revered for giving light to the Long Night before the Sun and the Moon.

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