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Created more than three Ages before the first rising of the Sun
In the sky
Made by Varda from the dews of Telperion
From lumbë, 'gloom' or 'shadow'1
Other names
Apparently the Elvish name for the planet Saturn


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A ‘star’ made by Varda

One of the bright objects created among the stars by Varda the Kindler in anticipation of the awakening of the first Elves. There is good reason to believe that Lumbar was in fact not a star, but rather the planet we call Saturn. Its name apparently derives from the Quenya word for 'gloom' or 'shadow'.



This name probably comes from the traditional astrological connections of Saturn with gloom and sadness. In The Notion Club Papers (reproduced in volume 9 of The History of Middle-earth), Saturn is referred to as Shomorú (thought to be derived from Hungarian szomorú, 'sad'), implying that Tolkien did indeed make this connection.

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