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Immortal. Existed before the foundation of Arda
Dwelt in Ilmarin on Taniquetil with Manwë
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The Queen of the Stars

Before the Children of Ilúvatar awoke into the World, the Valar did not certainly know when or where this would occur. In anticipation of their coming, Varda took on a great labour, said to have been the greatest of the works of the Valar at that age of the World. Using the glimmering silver dews of Telperion, she created new and brighter stars to shed light on dark lands of Middle-earth for the Firstborn when they appeared.

As she completed her work, and the first of her brilliant new stars rose in the sky, the Elves awoke in the East by the shores of Cuiviénen. The light of Varda's stars was the first thing they saw, and they came to revere their maker. Thus Varda became known as Tintallë, the Kindler, and also Elentári, Queen of the Stars. These are Quenya names; in Sindarin, 'Queen of the Stars' is Elbereth, and this was how Varda was generally known by the Elves of Middle-earth.

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