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One of the many names of Númenor

The island of Númenor was raised out of the Great Sea and given as a gift to the Edain in reward for their aid in the Wars of Beleriand. Númenor itself is an Elvish name meaning simply 'Western land' (and often rendered into the Common Tongue as 'Westernesse'). In Adúnaic, the language of the Númenóreans themselves, this same name was translated Anadûnê, again meaning 'Western Land'.

The name Anadûnê derived ultimately from adûn, 'west', a word borrowed by the Edain from the Elves (the same word also appears in the name of their tongue, Adûnaic, which means 'West-language'). As well as Anadûnê, they also commonly referred to their island realm as Yôzâyan, the Land of Gift.

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