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Ovda Regio

Region on Venus

Feature onVenus
Feature typeRegion (crustal plateau)
QuadrangleV-35 Ovda Regio (extending into V-22 Hestia Rupes, V-23 Niobe Planitia and V-34 Ix Chel Chasma)
Venusian coordinates10° N - 15° S, 50° - 110° E
Dimensionsc.2,600km north-to-south, c.6,300km west-to-east
Bounding featuresIx Chel Chasma, Kuanja Chasma, Manatum Tessera, Salus Tessera, Thetis Regio
Interior featuresde Beausoleil, Elma, Ovda Fluctus, Zulma
NotesOvda Regio is a crustal plateau, a Venusian geological feature formed from a high flat tableland raised far above the surrounding landscape. This wide plateau forms the western part of the larger Aphrodite Terra in Venus' equatorial regions.


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