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Aphrodite Terra

Terra on Venus

One of the three major upland regions of Venus, Aphrodite Terra lies to the south of Venus' equator, running broadly west to east. The region is mountainous in parts, with some peaks reaching up to 5km above the planetary surface, but its mountains do not approach the height of those in Ishtar Terra in Venus' northern hemisphere.

Aphrodite Terra is divided into two distinct plateaus, Ovda Regio to the west and Thetis Regio to the east. Both of these areas show a fractured surface crossed by ridges and petrified lava flows, creating the Venusian broken landscape types described as tesserae or 'tiles', and showing that the region has undergone significant tectonic stresses.

Eastward of the two Aphrodite plateaus, a line of lower hills broken by deep chasms stretches on, until it connects with another range of highlands, the Atla Regio.


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