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Venusian Quadrangle V-34

Ix Chel Chasma Quadrangle

Quadrangle onVenus
Quadrangle scale1:5,000,000 (62 quadrangles)
Venusian coordinatesLatitude: 0° to 25° S
Longitude 60° to 90° E
Important featuresAilar, Andreianova, Aphrodite Terra, Bassi, Dylacha Dorsa, Ix Chel Chasma, Kokomikeis Chasma, Manatum Tessera, Oilule Fluctus, Ovda Regio, Tahmina Planitia, Verdandi Corona, Wala Dorsa
NotesThis quadrangle of Venus features a wide variation of landscapes. The chasm of Ix Chel Chasma runs west-to-east across the central parts of the quadrangle, separating the highlands to the north from the low plains to the south. The northeastern part of the quadrangle is dominated by the heights of Ovda Regio in the broader mass of Aphrodite Terra, descending to the broken lands of Manatum Tessera to the west. The southern half of the quadrangle contains the flat lowlands of Tahmina Planitia, broken by long winding ridges, notably the broad linear feature of Dylacha Dorsa.