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Kuanja Chasma

Canyon on Venus

Feature onVenus
Feature typeChasma (canyon or linear depression)
QuadrangleV-23 Niobe Planitia
Venusian coordinates11°-13° S, 95°-104° E
DimensionsLength: 890 km
Bounding featuresOvda Regio, Ralk-umgu Chasma, Tahmina Planitia
NotesA long linear depression that forms the western end of a network of chasms on Venus. At its eastern end, it runs into the Ralk-umgu Chasma, which in turn connects to the long Vir-ava Chasma, with lesser chasms running perpendicularly from the main channel. Kuanja Chasma runs southward from the highlands of Ovda Regio, at the western end of the major Venusian 'continent' of Aphrodite Terra.


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