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Jupiter II

Proper NameEuropa
DesignationJupiter II
Primary PlanetJupiter
Orbital Period3 days, 13 hours
Distance from JupiterSemi-Major Axis: 671,100 km
Periapsis: 665,060 km
Apoapsis: 677,140 km
Rotation Period3 days, 13 hours (synchronous)
Mean Diameter1,561 km
970 miles
NotesThe smallest and least massive of Jupiter's four Galilean moons, and the second nearest to Jupiter after Io. Europa is tidally locked to the giant planet, so that one face of the moon remains permanently oriented toward Jupiter throughout its three-and-a-half day orbit.

After Io, Europa is the second nearest of the four bright Galilean Moons to its parent planet of Jupiter. Only slightly smaller than Earth's own Moon, Europa's surface is covered with a coating of ice, which is thought to overlie an ocean of liquid water or icy 'slush'. The tremendous gravitational forces of Jupiter apply immense tidal forces to this moon, resulting in a network of cracks and fissures criss-crossing the Europa's icy surface.


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