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The River Eridanus

Constellation FamilyHeavenly Waters
Celestial QuadrantPrimarily SQ1, extending fractionally into NQ1
Right Ascension1h25m to 5h12m
Declination-57.7° to +0.5°
Area (sq deg)1,138
Brightest StarAchernar
Optimum VisibilityNovember / December
NotesEridanus is one of the largest constellations by area, ranked sixth of the eighty-eight official star-groups. It extends southwards from the Celestial Equator for nearly sixty degrees, and its southern end is marked by blue Achernar, the tenth brightest star in the skies of Earth.
Map of Eridanus Map of Eridanus

Both the Greeks and the Arabs saw this group of stars as a long river running southward across the sky. At its southern tip lies the bright star Achernar, 'River's End'.


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