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Montuno b, WASP-79 b

The only known planet in orbit around the bright yellow F-type star WASP-79, a star also named Montuno, that lies some eight hundred light years from the Solar System. Pollera is notable as being one of the largest extrasolar planets so far discovered. Its diameter is at least 1.7 times that of Jupiter, and it is quite possibly more than twice Jupiter's size. It is, however, rather less dense that Jupiter, so despite being much larger, it has only about 85% of Jupiter's mass.

Pollera's parent star Montumo shines against a background scattered with very distant galaxies. One of these, the spiral PGC 133107, is visible directly to the southwest of the star in this image. Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas

Pollera belongs to the class known 'hot Jupiters', gas giant planets that follow rapid orbits very close to their parent stars. Pollera's orbit places it just eight million kilometres from its star, a distance comparable to about 5% of the distance from the Sun to Earth, and it completes an orbit of Montonu in a period of three days and sixteen hours. This very close orbit means that the planet is extremely hot, with temperatures approaching 1,800 K (or about 1,500° C).

Pollera's star Montuno falls in the central regions of Eridanus, a little over two degrees westward of the fourth-magnitude star Theemin. Its great distance from Earth means that Montuno is far too faint (at tenth magnitude) to be seen with the naked eye. The names Pollera and Montuno were selected as part of the international NameExoWorlds project, and represent costumes worn in the traditional Panamanian dance known as El Punto.