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Quadrant of the northern sky

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Constellation FamiliesContains members of the Heavenly Waters, Hercules, Perseus, Ursa Major and Zodiac families
Right Ascension18h00 to 24h00 (0h00)
Declination0° (Celestial Equator) to +90° (Northern Celestial Pole)
ConstellationsFully contained: Cygnus, Delphinus, Equuleus, Lyra, Sagitta, Vulpecula
Partial: Andromeda, Aquarius, Aquila, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Draco, Hercules, Ophiuchus, Pegasus, Pisces, Serpens, Ursa Minor
Area (sq deg)5,156.625
Brightest StarVega in Lyra
Optimum VisibilityJuly to October (Usually visible from northern latitudes)
NotesThe constellations of Cygnus and Lyra, prominent in the summer skies of the northern hemisphere, dominate this quadrant of the celestial sphere. Their bright stars Deneb and Vega combine with Altair in Aquila to define the formation known as the Summer Triangle.


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