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The Dragon

Constellation of the northern sky

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Constellation FamilyUrsa Major
Celestial QuadrantNQ3
Right Ascension9h18 to 21h00
Declination+47° 42' to +86° 0'
Area (sq deg)1,083
Brightest StarEltanin
Optimum VisibilityJune (Usually visible from northern latitudes)
Map of Draco Map of Draco
Relative Galactic Position of Draco

The northern constellation of Draco is immense - the eighth largest in the entire sky. It is not surprising, then, that it should contain a broad sweep of the matter within the Milky Way Galaxy, though most of its contents lie outside the plane of the Galaxy itself.

This large constellation occupies a significant area of the northern sky. Being somewhat lacking in bright stars, though, it is rather less prominent than some of its neighbours.


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