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NGC 6333, HD 156587

Proper NameNone
Messier NumberM9
NGC/IC NumberNGC 6333
Other DesignationsHD 156587
Right Ascension17h 19m 12s
Declination-18° 30' 59"
Distancec.25,800 light years
c.7,900 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +7.7
Absolute: -6.8
DiameterApparent: 12'
Actual: 90 light years
Optimum VisibilityJune / July

A very distant Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus. At a distance of 22,000 light years or more, M9 lies in the vicinity of our Galaxy's core.

Image of M9

Towards the central parts of our Galaxy lies this ancient red-golden globe of stars: Messier 9.


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