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Comet Brorsen

Comet 5D/Brorsen

Proper NameBrorsen
Orbital inclination to the Ecliptic29.4°
Orbital Period5.5 years
Distance from the SunSemi-Major Axis: 463,922,000 km (3.10 AU)
Perihelion: 88,240,000 km (0.59 AU)
Aphelion: 839,604,000 km (5.61 AU)
NotesA close encounter with Jupiter in 1842 pulled this comet into a relatively short orbit through the inner Solar System. It was regularly observed from Earth over the following decades, but since its last detection in 1879 it has not been seen again.
The encounter of Comet Brorsen with Jupiter

In 1842, Comet Brorsen passed close enough to the planet Jupiter that its orbit through the Solar System was radically changed, and the comet became trapped in the inner Solar System. Less than forty years later it was lost, and has not been observed since.