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The Hunter

A title borne by Mablung and by Vorondil

A title given to both an Elf and a Man: to Mablung of Doriath in the First Age, and to Vorondil the Steward of Gondor in the Third. The title is only used once of Mablung, and we know little of his hunting prowess beyond the fact that he was called by Thingol to take part in the Hunting of the Wolf. It was Mablung who recovered Beren's severed hand from the belly of the Wolf Carcharoth, and was so surprised by its weight that he dropped it and the Silmaril it held. This was the origin of Mablung's much more common epithet, Mablung of the Heavy Hand.

Vorondil the Hunter lived more than five thousand years after Mablung's time. He was the son of Steward Pelendur, and made his name in the east of Middle-earth, hunting the wild Kine of Araw that roamed the lands of Rhûn. He carried a great silver-bound hunting-horn taken from one of these monstrous oxen, which was to become an heirloom of the House of Húrin, and would eventually be carried by Boromir on the Quest of Mount Doom.

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