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Heir of Durin

The hereditary ruler of the Longbeards

The Dwarf-clan of the Longbeards was descended from the oldest of all the Dwarves, Durin the Deathless. Despite his title, Durin lived and died before the end of the First Age, but he founded a line that would rule in Khazad-dûm into the Third Age. The line of the Heirs of Durin is not recorded in any detail before the closing millennium of the Third Age, but from the time Durin VI (who died in III 1980), we have a complete record of thirteen Kings of Durin's Folk down to Thorin III, who fought in the War of the Ring.

A peculiar feature of the royal line was the occasional appearance among Durin's descendants of an Heir so like their forefather that he was given the same name, and considered by the Dwarves to be Durin the Deathless reborn. Of these the most famous were Durin III, who forged a great friendship with the jewelsmiths of Eregion, and Durin VI, who was slain by the Balrog of Khazad-dûm. Some accounts also speak of a Durin VII, the last Durin of the line, who reclaimed Moria and re-established Khazad-dûm.

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