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Proper NameNone
Bayer Designationl Carinae
Flamsteed NumberNone, but sometimes referred to as '1 Carinae'
HR (BSC)3884
Right Ascension9h 45m 15s
Declination-62° 30' 28"
Distancec.1,600 light years
c.500 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +3.7
Absolute: -4.7
Spectral ClassG5Iab/b yellow supergiant
Optimum VisibilityFebruary / March (Usually visible from southern latitudes)
NotesThis star's Bayer designation uses a lowercase 'L', not to be confused with I Carinae (with a capital 'I') elsewhere in the constellation. Some sources designate this star as '1' ('one') Carinae, apparently confusing the letter 'l' for the digit '1' (in fact Carina is too far south to possess any stars with true Flamsteed numbers like this).

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas


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