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The Keel

Constellation of the southern sky

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Constellation FamilyHeavenly Waters
Celestial QuadrantSQ2
Right Ascension06h03 to 11h22
Declination-75.7° to -50.8°
Area (sq deg)494
Brightest StarCanopus
Optimum VisibilityFebruary (Usually visible from southern latitudes)
NotesCarina, the Keel of the Ship Argo, runs eastward along the Milky Way from Canopus, the sky's second-brightest star. At its eastern extent is a group of four stars known as the Diamond Cross, near a region of the sky occupied by many nebulae and clusters.
Map of Carina Map of Carina

A large constellation of the southern sky, originally part of the even larger Argo Navis. Though it lies on the band of the Milky Way, most of the stars in Carina are relatively faint, with the brilliant exception of Canopus, the second brightest star in the entire sky after Sirius.


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