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Argo Navis

The Ship Argo

GenitivesCarinae, Puppis, Velorum
AbbreviationsCar, Pup, Vel
Constellation FamilyHeavenly Waters
Celestial QuadrantSQ2
Right Ascension06h04 to 11h21
Declination-75.7° to -11.4°
Area (sq deg)1,667
Brightest StarCanopus in Carina
Optimum VisibilityApril
NotesThis part of the sky has been seen as a sailing vessel since ancient times, with the Greeks interpreting it as the Argo, the vessel that carried Jason and the Argonauts. The resulting constellation covered a significantly larger area of the sky than any other, and for convenience it was subdivided into three component constellations: Vela the Sail, Puppis the Stern and Carina the Keel. Pyxis the Compass, neighbouring Puppis to the east, was also traditionally associated with this wide area of the sky.
Map of Argo Navis Map of Argo Navis

A huge constellation representing the Argo, the ship on which Jason sailed to find the Golden Fleece. With a total angular area of almost 1,700 square degrees, though, this gigantic region of the sky proved to be impractically large. It was therefore subdivided into the three constellations we know today: Vela the Sail, Puppis the Stern and Carina the Keel.


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