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Gorgonea Tertia

Rho Persei, 25 Persei

Proper NameGorgonea Tertia
Bayer DesignationRho Persei
Flamsteed Number25 Persei
HR (BSC)921
Right Ascension3h 5m 11s
Declination+38° 50' 25"
Distance308 light years
94 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +3.4
Absolute: -1.5
Spectral ClassM4II red bright giant
Optimum VisibilityNovember
NotesGorgonea Tertia is a bright giant that has expanded to more than a hundred times the Sun's diameter, although its mass remains only about twice that of the Sun, making it therefore very considerably less dense. The star shows complex patterns of variability across overlapping periods of time, and ranges in magnitude from +3.3 at its brightest down to +4.0 at its faintest.

This image shows Gorgonea Tertia with the two other 'gorgon' stars of Perseus. To the northwest is Gorgonea Secunda (Pi Persei), and to the northeast is Gorgonea Quarta (Omega Persei). The Demon Star Algol lies beyond the edge of this image to the north, and can be brought into view by scrolling or zooming out. Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas

Location of Gorgonea Tertia

Red Gorgonea Tertia lies close to Algol, the famous 'Demon' star of Perseus. Nearby is the open cluster known as M34.

Gorgonea Tertia shines with a flickering red light: it is a giant star that appears to be unstable, and varies considerably and unpredictably in magnitude.


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