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Constellation of the northern sky

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Constellation FamilyPerseus
Celestial QuadrantNQ1
Right Ascension01h31 to 04h51
Declination+31° 10' to +59° 14'
Area (sq deg)615
Brightest StarMirfak
Optimum VisibilityOctober to December (usually at least partially visible from northern latitudes
NotesThis constellation of the autumn and winter northern skies represents the mythical rescuer of Andromeda, whose own constellation lies directly to Perseus' west. In the north of the constellation lies the Double Cluster or Sword Handle, while further south is the notable variable Algol, the Demon Star.
Map of Perseus Map of Perseus

This rich northern constellation is home to many open star clusters, including the bright Double Cluster. The variable double star Algol is also well known.


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