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HD 241882

One of a group of distant, faint white stars in the eastern parts of Taurus, a few degrees north and east from the Crab Nebula in the sky. HD 241882 is extremely faint as seen from Earth, with an apparent magnitude approaching +10 (that is, about a hundred times too faint to be seen by the naked eye). This is a hot dwarf or main sequence star; its distance from the Solar System is subject to some uncertainty, but appears to be a little over 830 light years.

This star is notable for its position in the sky, which is extremely close to the Galactic 'anticentre', the point diametrically opposite the Galactic Nucleus as seen from Earth. It lies, therefore, close to a line directly from the Solar System out to the near edge of the Galaxy. Beyond this star lies the Perseus Arm and beyond that, at a distance of more than 25,000 light years, is the region where the outer edge of the Milky Way gives way to intergalactic space.