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Epsilon Pavonis

Epsilon Pavonis is a white fourth-magnitude star that shines in the southern skies of Earth. It lies in the southern reaches of the constellation Pavo the Peacock, near its border with the southern polar constellation Octans. This star also forms part of the asterism known as the Saucepan, a grouping that contains many of the brighter stars of Pavo.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas

A hot and young main sequence star with no known companions, Epsilon Pavonis is approximately twice the mass and diameter of the Sun, but considerably more luminous. It is connected to the extensive Omicron Velorum Cluster (C85 or Collinder 191). Though that cluster lies far away in the sky (in Vela on the other side of the Southern Celestial Pole) it has given rise to an association of stars with comparable motions through the Galaxy, the Argus Association, of which Epsilon Pavonis is one of about sixty members.


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