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Epsilon Eridani, 18 Eridani

Proper NameRan
Bayer DesignationEpsilon Eridani
Flamsteed Number18 Eridani
HR (BSC)1084
Right Ascension3h 32m 56s
Declination-9° 27' 30"
Distance10.5 light years
3.2 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +3.73
Absolute: +6.19
Spectral ClassK2V Orange Dwarf
Planets in this systemÆgir (Ran b, Epsilon Eridani b), gas giant or brown dwarf
Ran c (Epsilon Eridani c), theoretical unconfirmed exoplanet
Optimum VisibilityNovember / December

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas

Image of Ran, or Epsilon Eridani

Among the dustlanes surrounding Ran lurks its companion Ægir, a gas giant planet or possibly a brown dwarf, as shown here.

An orange dwarf star in the northern parts of Eridanus, the River. Ran, perhaps better known by its Bayer designation of Epsilon Eridani, is a faint dwarf star, much less luminous than the Sun, and most notable for its proximity to the Solar System - it is just 10.5 light years away.


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