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The westernmost bright star in Andromeda is Almach, and to the north and west of Almach, within the band of the Milky Way, lies a white star on the verge of naked eye visibility: c Andromedae. This star falls close to Andromeda's border with neighbouring Perseus, explaining its high Flamsteed number (sixty-second of the sixty-six Flamsteed stars in this constellation, numbered from east to west).

c Andromedae is a hot star of the A-type (white) spectral classification, considerably more massive and luminous than the Sun. At its distance from Earth of 273 light years, it is barely bright enough to be seen with the naked eye. However, at a distance of ten parsecs (the standard for calculating Absolute Magnitude) it would shine more brightly than the Dog Star Sirius (a star to which c Andromedae is in fact structurally similar).