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Kepler-59 b

KOI-1529 b, KIC 9821454 b

Proper NameNone
DesignationsKepler-59 b, KOI-1529 b, KIC 9821454 b
ClassificationEarth-mass planet
Orbital Period11.9 days
Mean Distance from Kepler-5915.4 million km
0.10 AU
Mass1.2 x Earth
Diameter1.1 x Earth
TemperatureNot known
Parent starKepler-59, yellow dwarf star in Lyra
Other planets in this systemKepler-59 c, super Earth
NotesThe innermost of the two known planets orbiting the yellow dwarf star Kepler-59, this planet is only slightly more massive than Earth. Like its larger companion planet Kepler-59 c, it pursues an extremely close orbit of its star, far within the inner edge of that star's habitable zone.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas