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Proper NameHypatia
DesignationsEdasich b, Iota Draconis b, HD 137759 b
ClassificationGas giant
Orbital Period1 year, 146 days
Mean Distance from Edasich191 million km
1.3 AU
Mass8.8 x Jupiter
Diameter12.0 x Earth (estimated)
Temperature598 K (325°C) equilibrium temperature, but Hypatia's eccentric orbit makes its actual temperature highly variable
Parent starEdasich, orange giant in Draco
Other planets in this systemEdasich c (Iota Draconis c), unconfirmed exoplanet
NotesHypatia was the first extrasolar planet to be discovered in orbit around a giant star. A gas giant planet with many times the mass of Jupiter, it follows a highly eccentric, elongated orbit around the star Edasich. By comparison with planets in the Solar System, Hypatia travels from within the orbit of Mercury out far beyond that of Mars and back on each of its 511-day circuits of its star.


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