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Proper NameHarriot
DesignationsCopernicus f, Rho1 Cancri f, 55 Cancri f, HD 75732 f
Also sometimes specified as Rho1 Cancri A f, 55 Cancri A f, HD 75732 A f
ClassificationGas Giant
Orbital Period259 days, 22 hours
Mean Distance from Copernicus115.3 million km
0.77 AU
Mass0.15 x Jupiter
DiameterNot known
TemperatureNot known
Parent starCopernicus (Rho1 Cancri, 55 Cancri), yellow dwarf in Cancer
Other planets in this system Brahe (Copernicus c), gas giant
Galileo (Copernicus b), gas giant
Janssen (Copernicus e), super Earth
Lipperhey (Copernicus d), gas giant
NotesHarriot is probably a small gas giant, one of four planets of the yellow dwarf Copernicus that orbit closer to their star than Earth's distance from the Sun (the system also has a fifth planet, Lipperhey, orbiting considerably farther from the star).

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