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Proper NameLipperhey (occasionally spelt Lippershey)*
DesignationsCopernicus d, Rho1 Cancri d, 55 Cancri d, HD 75732 d
Also sometimes specified as Rho1 Cancri A d, 55 Cancri A d, HD 75732 A d
ClassificationGas Giant
Orbital Period15 years, 95 days
Mean Distance from Copernicus891.6 million km
5.96 AU
Mass3.12 x Jupiter
DiameterNot known
TemperatureNot known
Parent starCopernicus (Rho1 Cancri, 55 Cancri), yellow dwarf in Cancer
Other planets in this systemBrahe (Copernicus c), gas giant
Galileo (Copernicus b), gas giant
Harriot (Copernicus f), gas giant
Janssen (Copernicus e), super Earth

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* This planet is named for Hans Lipperhey, the Dutch spectacle-maker who was among the first to construct a telescope (and was possibly its inventor). Due to an idiosyncratic transcription during the nineteenth century, his name is commonly spelt Lippershey in English, and indeed the crater named after him on the Moon is formally named Lippershey. Later astronomical uses, however, have preferred to use the name's original spelling, not only for this planet of the Copernicus system, but also for a small asteroid, 31338 Lipperhey. Nonetheless, the Lippershey spelling is so prevalent in English that the name of this planet appears in a few sources as Lippershey rather than Lipperhey.


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