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Ain b, Epsilon Tauri b, HD 28305 b

An extrasolar planet that orbits the fourth-magnitude star Ain, a yellow giant in the Hyades cluster within the constellation of Taurus. Ain is an unusually massive star to host a planetary system, and indeed at the time of writing this is the most massive star known to have a planet in orbit. (Ain is clearly visible to the naked eye, lying near the northern edge of the cluster of stars making up the 'face' of Taurus, northwestward of Aldebaran.)

Ain's planetary system consists of a single known planet, Amateru, which is an immense gas giant with a mass approaching eight times that of Jupiter, and it is thus classified as a 'super-Jupiter' planet. Amateru follows an orbit some 1.9 AU from the star (in terms of the of the Solar System, this would place it just within the inner edge of the Asteroid Belt). It completes a single orbit around Ain in a period of 595 days (or 1.6 years).

The name originally proposed for this planet was Amaterasu, for the Shinto sun-goddess of that name, but the name had already been assigned to asteroid 10385 Amaterasu (and also to Amaterasu Patera, a surface feature on the moon Io). For the planet, the name was thus altered to Amateru, a form used for a shrine to the goddess Amaterasu.


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