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Coronis, Oculus Borealis, Epsilon Tauri, 74 Tauri

Proper NamesAin, Coronis, Oculus Borealis
Bayer DesignationEpsilon Tauri
Flamsteed Number74 Tauri
HR (BSC)1409
Constellation Taurus
Right Ascension4h 28m 37s
Declination+19° 10' 50"
Distance147 light years
45 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +3.5
Absolute: +0.3
Spectral ClassG9.5IIICN0.5 yellow giant
Planets in this systemAmateru (Ain b), 'super-Jupiter' gas giant
Optimum VisibilityDecember
NotesThe second brightest of the stars of the Hyades after Chamukuy, the massive orange giant Ain is known to have at least one planet in its system, a large gas giant some eight times more massive than Jupiter, designated Amateru or Epsilon Tauri b


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