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Distance From the Sunc. 330-480 million km / 2.2-3.2 AU
Thicknessc. 150 million km / 1 AU
Number of asteroids> 100,000
Significant asteroidsCeres (dwarf planet), Vesta, Pallas, Hygiea
(collectively these four objects account for approximately half the collective mass of the belt)
NotesThe region between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter is filled with asteroids, bodies that might otherwise have coalesced into a planet if not for the immense gravitational force of Jupiter. The belt contains many thousands of objects, ranging in size from the dwarf planet Ceres down to individual particles of dust.

A region of space between two and three times further from away than the Earth from the Sun, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It is the home to the majority of the Solar System's population of asteroids.


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