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1 Ceres

Minor Planet Designation1 Ceres
Asteroid GroupMain Asteroid Belt
Orbital Period4 years, 223 days
Distance from the SunSemi-Major Axis: 414,010,000 km (2.77 AU)
Perihelion: 382,619,000 km (2.56 AU)
Aphelion: 445,401,000 km (2.98 AU)
Diameter (Mean)924.4 kilometres
NotesThe rocky surface of Ceres is heavily cratered, with a small number of distinctive bright spots standing out against the darker surface rocks.

The largest of the asteroids by far, Ceres' diameter is nonetheless less than 1,000 km, about a third of the diameter of Pluto.

Western hemisphere of Ceres, centred on longitude 90° W

Eastern hemisphere of Ceres, centred on longitude 90° E

Ahuna Mons

The relatively bright rise shown in this view of Ceres is Ahuna Mons, a cryovolcano rising nearly five kilometres above the surrounding terrain. This is the only such feature to be found on the asteroid.


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